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Published byJacobi Anstruther

It was just a decade ago that young companies such as IRIS would have been restricted to a narrow sector of users, before expanding into a multichannel offering.

Yet, the new generation of founders, like our IRIS founder, are able to set their sights higher and achieve more, more quickly; with the insight of FNDR. Enabling everyone, everywhere, to Listen Well is no longer a vision for ‘someday’ but rather something that we can achieve here and now.

FNDR is not quite like other consultancies. Created by CEO James Vincent (of Apple’s creative agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab fame) and co-founders Stephen Butler and Rebekah Jefferis; FNDR is where people turn when they have an innovative idea, and want to turn it into a story that will resonate with millions. With successes such as Airbnb, Glossier, Snap and more under their belt, there is clearly something to the FNDR method.

How IRIS came to Listen Well

That’s why Jacobi AGC first took IRIS technology to FNDR, as he explained in the fall edition of Fast Company. “[FNDR] took this huge idea I had in my head…and turned it into a story that made sense,” says Jacobi. With a core team whose skills and experience in both disruptive tech and audio industry are extensive; Jacobi recognised that there was yet more needed to help bring IRIS to the world.

Able to dramatically increase sound quality by introducing the space that is normally missing from recorded audio; IRIS unlocks the ‘live’ dimension that’s often lost. Its algorithm does so by splitting out and increasing the phase information sent to the brain. The listener’s brain then reassembles this vast increase in information and becomes far more active in the listening process.

“Within three minutes of meeting Stephen [Butler], before he even knew the extent of my dream, he spat out two words that are still the core of everything,” says Jacobi. “They were: ‘Listen well’.” This simple phrase has become more than a marketing strapline for IRIS. Rather a guiding principle, encapsulating both the quality of the audio that IRIS technology produces and its potential health benefits.

Our believe in IRIS as a totally unique sound technology is what led us to work with FNDR. And, we’re pleased to be able to show off the result of our collaboration very soon! Stay tuned and subscribe below the first to try IRIS when it launches!

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