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IRIS Clarity Update Explained: macOS 1.6.1 | Windows 1.5.3

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Published byDiana Geman-Wollach

This just in! We’ve got new versions of IRIS Clarity for both macOS and Windows ready for download. 

They both feature our latest model, which offers enhanced support for 8K. That means the quality of calls between computers and mobile phones has massively improved. Next time you’re calling a customer on their mobile through a VoIP or CRM platform, you’ll notice a clear increase in quality. 

In addition, our Windows app got a big upgrade: 

  • It now sports a new and improved UI, bringing it in line with our slick macOS design.

  • Just like the macOS version does, our Windows app now features in-app notifications to let you know when the latest version is live (so you won’t explicitly need to look out for an email like this 🙃).

  • We’ve fixed the issue that required you to log in every time you restarted your computer! Thanks for your patience on this one. 

  • And of course, we’ve addressed your standard bug fixes and performance optimisation.

Our macOS version got some love too: 

  • We’ve added echo cancellation to avoid that annoying feedback you get when someone isn’t using headphones on a call and has their volume turned all the way up. 

  • We’ve also added a background noise slider to give you more control over how much of IRIS Clarity’s effects you want from the Speaker’s side of the call.

  • If your computer is set to Spanish, IRIS Clarity now speaks your language! We’ll be adding this localisation to the Windows app soon.  

More exciting features are in the works, so keep an eye out on the app for news of upcoming releases! 

Download the latest version and follow the usual installation steps. For full details of what is included in the release, check out our changelog. Finally, if you need extra support, check out our Help Centre.

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Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app by clicking the hamburger menu on the top right of your IRIS Clarity app, clicking About IRIS Clarity, and looking for v1.6.1 for macOS and 1.5.3 for Windows.