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IRIS Clarity Update Explained: macOS 1.7.35 | Windows

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Published byDiana Geman-Wollach

We’re super excited to share the latest updates and improvements we’ve made to IRIS Clarity, on both the Windows and macOS applications. You can download them right away from your IRIS dashboard. 

Your feedback has been so helpful in identifying areas for improvement and understanding what you want to see, so keep those comments coming! To help make it easier, we’ve got a brand new tool for you to view, request, and upvote upcoming features. Let’s go 🚀

What’s new on macOS 1.7.35: 

  • Check out our UI improvements that make it easier to view which apps are currently using IRIS Clarity, including when multiple apps are using it concurrently

  • The app now maintains your headset choice in Microphone and Speaker settings after a computer restart. Previously, it would maintain throughout the day but would reset upon startup. 

  • Prioritise inputs and outputs in the order you prefer so IRIS Clarity automatically selects the headset or microphone you use most. Go to the hamburger menu (3 lines) on the top right of the app, then click Manage inputs and outputs

  • Thanks to your feedback, we changed the copy from “inactive” to “no app connected” when IRIS Clarity isn’t set up in the meeting platform you’re using or when you’re not actually on a call. This should help ease some confusion but if you’re still perplexed, check out our Help article on the subject.

  • We squashed a couple of bugs, including one where the microphone was going silent without notice — now if it happens again (which it shouldn’t), you’ll get prompted to restart the app — and one where you could hear feedback on calls.

What’s new on Windows 

  • The biggest feature is that you can now set IRIS Clarity as your system default audio. That means apps which don’t allow you to manually select your audio input and output — like NICE MAX, Amazon Connect, and Zendesk — are now compatible with IRIS Clarity. Beware though, when you select this option, all your computer audio will go through IRIS Clarity, including music and videos. Make sure to toggle the IRIS Clarity Speaker OFF when not on calls, or you might feel slightly differently about your latest banger. 

  • Bringing it up to speed with our Mac app, IRIS Clarity now displays all apps connected to it. So if you’re using it on both Microsoft Teams and CiscoJabber for instance, they will both be listed in the Microphone and Speaker sections.

  • We’ve also renamed connected platforms to be clearer and easier to read, for example Edge instead of msedge or Cisco instead of CiscoCollabHostmsedge

  • When something goes awry, we’ve made our error messages clearer so you actually know what’s wrong and how to fix it

  • We’ve generally improved the app efficiency and reduced CPU usage

  • Avaya users: We’ve fixed the volume slider so that it keeps its position between calls

Download the latest version and follow the usual installation steps. For full details of what is included in the release, check out our changelog. Finally, if you need extra support, head to our Help Centre.

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Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app by clicking the hamburger menu on the top right of your IRIS Clarity app, clicking About IRIS Clarity, and looking for v1.7.35 for macOS and v1.6.15.1 for Windows.