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IRIS Clarity Update Explained: Windows 1.6.5

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Published byDiana Geman-Wollach

It’s been a few weeks since our last product update, and we’re excited to share a fresh Windows release of the app, which you can find in your IRIS Clarity dashboard. Make sure to download it to benefit from all our new features and improvements!

What’s new on Windows 1.6.5:

  • Check out high-performance mode. Whether you’re that person with a million open tabs (guilty) or the extra savvy tech enthusiast, you want to make sure your computer can handle the way you’re using it. Not all machines are created equal, so we’ve added a toggle that allows you to switch between a more CPU-efficient model and a higher-performing model, but at a slightly increased CPU usage cost.

  • Use the background noise slider to give you more control over how much of IRIS Clarity’s effects you want from the Speaker’s side of the call. This feature was already on macOS, and is now available on Windows, too.

  • We’ve added echo cancellation to avoid that annoying feedback you get when someone isn’t using headphones on a call and has their volume turned all the way up. This is another one that was already on macOS, now on Windows.

  • Leave IRIS Clarity open post-installation. We’ve corrected an issue where IRIS Clarity was automatically closing after being installed on Windows. No more friction there.

And of course, we’ve made a slew of general bug fixes and improvements. Your bug reports are much appreciated to help with those. 🙏

Download the latest version and follow the usual installation steps. For full details of what is included in the release, check out our changelog. Finally, if you need extra support, head to our Help Centre.

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Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app by clicking the hamburger menu on the top right of your IRIS Clarity app, clicking About IRIS Clarity, and looking for v1.6.1 for macOS and 1.6.5 for Windows.