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Listen to our whitepaper: The role of audio in a digital world

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Published byDiana Geman-Wollach

A few weeks ago, we released our research paper on “The role of audio in an increasingly digital world”.

We spent months researching, writing, editing, and designing it, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it released into the wild. More importantly, we’re thrilled by the response we’ve gotten, including coverage in Yahoo, Morningstar, Call Center Management, and many more. Our message on the importance of audio — and the issue of it being largely ignored in favour of other, shinier tech improvements — has well and truly resonated with many of you.

We’ve since created an infographic from our research — which you’ll be able to catch snippets of on our socials, and which has now been added to the whitepaper itself. And most recently, we recorded an audiobook version of it, too. We are, after all, an audio company, and it was a pleasure to translate our work into our favourite medium. 

Listen to Tom Darnell, our COO, introduce the whitepaper below, followed by the first chapter, “New normal, old audio,” read by yours truly. You can find the full recording on your podcasting platform of choice (Apple, Spotify, etc.), and you can sign up to download the whitepaper in print and on audio on our dedicated landing page

Happy listening!