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Life before IRIS Clarity: Our Noisy Memoirs

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Published byTiana Raft

We all know the annoyance of having uncontrollable noises around us — when we’re trying to work, be productive, or just having a conversation. Nowadays, we’ve invited a second dimension to the mix: irritable noises that aren’t even in the same room as us, but miles away… online calls.

Talking and meeting online is here to stay, and the plethora of noises we’ve been introduced to hit us on both ends of the call. We need new technology to regain some control over our new environments and find our flow once again.

Enter IRIS Clarity, our voice isolation desktop app that removes all background noise from your online conversations. IRIS Clarity is bi-directional, meaning it removes the background noise from your end of the call, as well as from the people you are speaking to – all you hear is clear speech.

To celebrate the launch of our IRIS Clarity app, we asked the IRIS team to tell us a time they most wished they had voice isolation switched on… Here’s what they had to say:


Ironically it was when I was interviewing for IRIS! The first time I chatted to the team here, I was competing against:

  • The complete demolition of the beloved Elephant and Castle shopping centre in London next door to my flat. Wrecking balls don’t have a quiet mode it turns out.

  • My bored housemate playing Playstation in our shared workspace on the hardest setting and getting gradually more frustrated (he did complete it to be fair).

I started my interview apologising for the noise – and it proved to be a brilliant foreshadowing of my future here. It’s certainly made my job marketing the app a lot easier, as I am our ideal customer!


Working from home during the pandemic, my “office” was my kitchen, and my “noisy colleagues” were my tea kettle, my dirty dishes, and my partner on his own calls nearby. Coordinating who would prepare lunch when in order to minimise background noise on each other’s calls was a hassle I could have definitely avoided with IRIS Clarity. It would have given me more confidence that my environment wasn’t compromising my professionalism, and it would have definitely reduced my stress and anxiety around “sweating the small stuff.” 


I could have really used IRIS Clarity when speaking to my parents on Skype as I usually multitask during that time — washing dishes, cooking, or tidying up. My dad’s ears are insanely sensitive to any noise after working at a nuclear power plant for almost 30 years where his ears were abused by constant noise, so he always complains about the slightest noise I make during our calls. IRIS Clarity would/comes in handy in those moments.


I have a little Pomeranian named Fluffy who rules the — ‘his’ — house.  Whenever people are talking too much or moving around (yes, he cannot lounge on your lap if you are not sitting down), he will bark continuously until you stop doing the ‘thing’ he doesn’t like.

Very annoying, grating, distracting and loud!

Anyway, I had just joined IRIS and was working from my parents’ house, when I was in a Google Meet call with the IRIS team brainstorming incentive ideas for the fast-approaching C&CC expo where we were introducing IRIS Clarity for the first time.  Fluffy didn’t like this of course so he started barking, much to the annoyance of myself & my colleague, so we dropped off the call and messaged instead.


There have been many occasions when I’ve felt the need for IRIS Clarity, none more so than during the lockdowns. Navigating several hours of online meetings, with 2 children home-schooling and a dog who doesn’t like the Amazon delivery driver, distractions became the norm. Whilst the interruptions of daily life became much more socially accepted on business calls, the stress and exhaustion at the end of a long day were telling. The ability to retain some separation between professional and personal life is something that’s important to many people.


Living in a house share was a challenge during lockdown – with all 5 of us working from home. Two of my housemates’ WFH scenarios consisted of jumping around (making the whole house rattle) and talking in high pitched ‘cute’ voices all day whilst coaching 2-year-olds over Zoom. Another housemate, whose room is directly above mine, decided to invest in a treadmill so she could run in her breaks – and let me tell you when I say it sounded like there was an earthquake, I’m not exaggerating. Calls would have been a lot easier had I not needed to worry about someone asking what was going on, how I would explain it, or if they were actually even listening to me rather than trying to figure out what on earth was going on in the background.


I was studying an online course and decided to go to India whilst I completed it.

Whilst working from beachside cafes and hotels sounds like a dream, it was actually highly impractical. There were so many factors I hadn’t considered: the wind, dogs, music, other people – the list goes on. It made group work extremely painful and at times I felt I was stopping myself from joining in as much as I could have done for fear of how distracting my background noise was. If only I had IRIS Clarity back then. 

Rob M

As a recording engineer, the number of times I’ve needed a product like IRIS Clarity are too many to count – sometimes even to cancel the noise the artist is making! But in my own life too, IRIS Clarity has been sorely needed. I live above a high street with three very large, single-glazed windows facing onto a few lanes of traffic. It’s almost impossible to have a meeting that’s not interrupted by a bus parking up at the stop outside or an ambulance stuck at the lights – and these noises are far from in the background. Using IRIS Clarity throughout its development, I’ve actually come to enjoy my flat for the stress test it is!


Like many, I spent the first lockdown working from my kitchen table along with the rest of the family. Our toddler entertained herself by shouting out random words whilst I was on work calls. IRIS Clarity would have saved many an awkward online meeting. 


Times I most wished I had voice isolation switched on…:

  • When loud construction noises were happening at random times in the adjacent building, in the middle of the lockdown. It made online meetings particularly draining.

  • Whenever someone types on their keyboard during a voice call.

Sam Masterson

A time I wished I’d had IRIS Clarity was when we first shifted to remote working back in 2020 during the lockdown. Our lovely neighbour decided that would be the perfect time to convert a commercial use set of offices into residential accommodation.

When your office is in the attic, in the middle of summer at 30+ degrees, and you can’t even open the window due to building noises… you’ll do anything to just have some control!


Sometimes you want Clarity in your conversations, and sometimes you want to be clarity-ed out. A friend from Italy came to visit me in London and stayed over at my place for a week. His day started with a 30-minute meeting at 8am London time — the exact time when I have my shower, breakfast, and get ready for work. I was always trying to be as quiet as possible lest his colleagues be disturbed. If he had IRIS Clarity I could have been so much more relaxed!

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