The secret names of IRIS Clarity

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Crafting a product is a process of trial, error, refinement, and improvement. While overall, it’s very exciting, it often comes with some pretty boring conventions: v1, v1.1, v1.1.2. Not here, though! If you read our “I on IRIS” interview with our Lead Android Developer, Pat, you’ll know that he came up with quite the unique naming convention for our versions of the model that powers IRIS Clarity. 

Background story: Pat is from Manchester and — as many of us here at IRIS — he’s a massive music aficionado. Since his role bestows him with the important responsibility of naming our models, he decided to honour the (surprisingly?) many Manchester-related bands and musicians. Experience his thinking below. Are the links becoming increasingly tenuous as the versions increase? You tell us…

Alfie. These guys played everywhere in Manchester in the late 90s. At times it seemed like you couldn’t get off the tram without accidentally seeing one of their gigs. Unless Elbow were standing in front of them.

Bez. From Happy Mondays. One could argue that Bez is the person who contributed most to a bands success without doing anything at all (except all the drugs).

Curtis. Ian Curtis, Joy Division... Need I say more?

Duffy. Named after The Cult’s Billy Duffy,who convinced Johnny Marr to learn to play guitar. We should all be eternally grateful. 

Elkie. For the queen of British blues, Elkie Brooks.

Formby. After George Formby, obviously.

Freshie. Before Frank Sidebottom, Timperley’s favourite son, Chris Sievey, formed The Freshies (also with Billy Duffy). I married the girl from the Manchester Virgin Megastore checkout desk, but not the one he was singing about here.

Gerald. You may know him better as A Guy Called Gerald, or Gerald Simpson. The man behind Voodoo Ray (which isn’t on Spotify as it’s too good for mere peasant streamers) and member of 808 State (which is also excellent and which you can find on Spotify).

Gibb. “What have the Bee Gees got to do with Manchester?” - Rob Reng (IRIS CTO). Well, they lived in Chorlton where they formed their first skiffle band.

Halle. The Hallé is Manchester’s symphony orchestra based out of the Bridgewater hall. Keeping us all cultured since the 1850s.

Hannett. Martin Hannett is a legend. Already got Joy Division on here so I picked Spiral Scratch by Buzzcocks.

Harper. After Roy Harper. So good Led Zep named a song after him. Bang Stormcock on if you’ve not heard it.

Haslam. Ok, I know Dave Haslam’s a Brummie, but he is definitely an honorary Mancunian too. Resident DJ at the Haçienda and the Boardwalk. Picked Sub Sub for him based on one of his playlists in his autobiography Sonic Youth Slept on my Floor.

Heaton. Named after Robert Heaton, drummer for New Model Army and Hawkwind. “Put out the lights on the Age of Reason”. NMA sound a bit like a GCSE politics essay these days, but I still love ’em.

Hollie. The Hollies, showing those amateur scousers how to do merseybeat properly.

Inca. Named after Inca Babies and their nice bit of early post punk. I didn’t realise they had reformed a few years back.

Inta. Intastella are a hugely underrated poppy baggy dancy indie band. Shame they never caught on. 

Lamb. Soundtrack for many early mornings at uni. Don't think this ever went on before about 3am...

Joyce. Named after Mike Joyce. See Marr below.  

Mani. Imagine playing bass in two of the best bands of all time — The Stone Roses and Primal Screen! That’s just greedy...

Marr. You either love The Smiths or you are wrong. It’s as simple as that.

Check out the playlist Pat has put together here.

There you have it! The next time you update IRIS Clarity, save a thought for the creative touch our developers put into each version.