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London based tech start-up IRIS is revolutionising the way we experience sound. On the 19th April, IRIS technology will be integrated into a podcast broadcast, for the first time. Partnering with the 'Declassified Network' and their latest episode featuring The Duke of Sussex. Discussing the incredible response by communities and volunteers to the COVID-19 crisis.

Founded by Former soldiers Michael Coates and Des Fraser alongside RAF pilot Nathan Jones. The Declassified Podcast focuses on promoting positive mental fitness, with stories from members of the military community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the podcast has pivoted to provide support to all areas of society whilst in lockdown.

“Hosting this episode with two fellow veterans was an absolute privilege. I have huge amounts of respect for what both have done and what they are doing right now to support our communities.... We are also delighted to have worked with IRIS to bring their unique audio technology to our audience.”Declassified co-founder and host Michael Coates

The episode is available on the Declassified Audioboom channel. Where the Duke of Sussex promotes veterans’ efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Encouraging more people to sign up to volunteer with the incredible work Team Rubicon UK are doing, to bring vital services to local communities in their time of need.

“I'm honoured to be a veteran, and honoured to be part of this community. I'm just so incredibly proud to see what these individuals up and down the country and across the world are doing on a day-to-day basis. What has happened, especially in the UK shows the very best of human spirit.”

Duke of Sussex

IRIS technology integrated into a podcast for the first time

Following from their work to bring wellness content to the world, this episode will be the first to feature embedded IRIS audio technology. IRIS promotes 'active listening' which uniquely engages a listeners brain, promoting mental wellbeing, alongside enhancing audio quality.

“At IRIS we have been engaging our community with new wellness content in this time of isolation, an active mind is a healthy mind and that is the entire purpose of what IRIS is bringing to the world. This goes beyond music. So, we are delighted to work with the Declassified Podcast in bringing the IRIS technology to a podcast for the first time. And through a podcast bringing such an important message to the world.”

Tom Darnell, IRIS Chief Commercial Officer

DC19 Episode 11 - The Duke of Sussex is available to stream and download here.

About IRIS

IRIS is a revolutionary audio technology company whose mission is to enable the world to Listen Well. The patented IRIS software provides an audio experience that dramatically improves sound quality. Whilst simultaneously promoting a unique neurological stimulation for listeners which creates ‘active listening’. By splitting and increasing phase information that is normally missing in recorded audio, IRIS introduces the space that is normally missing. Unlocking the ‘live’ dimension that’s often lost in digital compression.

IRIS licenses its patented technology to audio companies for integration with hardware and software applications. Building an ecosystem that allows people to listen well everywhere. IRIS doesn’t change what you listen to, but simply how you listen to it.

About the Declassified Network

The Declassified Network is a company and Foundation that promote and develop positive mental fitness. Founded by Former soldiers Michael Coates and Des Fraser alongside RAF pilot Nathan Jones. The podcast voices a series of conversations with members of the military community. Documenting their stories to provide support and guidance across society. To those suffering both physically and mentally. The podcast has pivoted during COVID19 to support all of society whilst in lockdown, with a focus on mental fitness. Declassified the podcast, was also shortlisted in the ‘British Podcast Awards 2019 for Best interview Podcast’.

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