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IRIS is excited to announce our upcoming research with Mount Sinai. We will be working with their medical research team at Icahn Medical School in New York, to further explore the wellness possibilities of IRIS technology. The research will focus on whether there is a positive effect on your brain. And, its ability to achieve a state of relaxation when users start to Listen Well

How IRIS & Mount Sinai Investigate Active Listening

Beginning in late 2019, we first contacted Mount Sinai about helping us put IRIS technology into a research setting; to more fully investigate how our brains react to listening to IRIS sound. IRIS technology works by separating out components of recorded sound and stimulating your brain to reassemble these components; in order to make sense of the whole piece in a process we call ‘Active Listening.’ We were therefore interested in finding out if this process had a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Mount Sinai was the perfect choice of partner to investigate this link not just because of their impressive, world-renowned reputation. Pioneering research into binaural sound was undertaken in 1973 by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai; and has been followed by numerous studies examining how auditory input can alter states of focus, performance and relaxation. Mount Sinai has also previously worked with some of the world’s most trusted brands, such as Philips and Johnson & Johnson. As well as some of the most innovative, such as Red Bull High Performance, Samsung and Apple.

“Our core purpose here at the Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai is to explore the impact that technology can have in enabling people to perform at a higher level. In the past, we have conducted a number of studies into the ‘science of sound’: how auditory input can alter states of focus, performance and relaxation. Our partnership with IRIS builds on our experience in this space. We are excited to work with IRIS on this study to explore whether this innovative technology can further enhance a state of relaxation and mental wellness.”

David Putrino, Director of the Abilities Research Center at Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai

The multi-week study will involve participants listening to daily meditation soundscapes, half with IRIS technology enabled and half without. Their ability to achieve a state of relaxation will be compared, to establish a link between the brain and Active Listening.

Where you can follow their collaboration

“We are thrilled to have IRIS technology be the focus of research by Mount Sinai,” says founder, Jacobi AGC. “We created IRIS not just because it can improve sound, we believe its potential to positively impact your brain and its ability to reach a relaxed state is a fundamental component of the technology; and of what it means to truly Listen Well. Mount Sinai’s reputation as a research institute is unparalleled, and we’re extremely excited to explore these results.”

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