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Meet Eugenie aka Pooks, our Office Manager, and the first ever IRIS employee.

Tom always introduces you as “the one who runs the IRIS office”. That sounds like a lot. Can you tell us more about your day-to-day/what you do?

I support the team in whatever they need to ensure they work as effectively as possible. Right now we’re prepping for a big office move as we’ve already grown out of the one we moved into last year. I also oversee customer support. 

You were IRIS’s very first employee, tell us what it’s been like to watch the company grow into what it is today? 

It’s been amazing to watch the company grow so quickly, particularly at a time when a lot of businesses were having to cut back and downscale. It’s evidence of just how much people believe in our products.

Pooks the Mycophile, from mushroom pjs to medicinal fungi, tell us what got you into your love for mushrooms​​?

Mushrooms have always been one of my favourite foods. I then started using functional mushrooms to help take control of my health. When I started to notice the difference they made, I quickly became obsessed with all things mushroom. Fun fact: they help trees talk to each other.

Some quickfire questions:

App you couldn’t live without: Spotify

Least favourite noise: The central line brakes

Best concert/performance you’ve been to: This is very very hard! Glastonbury never fails to deliver. And Adele this year at Hyde Park was amazing. But I also remember my first concert at the age of 9 or 10, going to see Van Morrison and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.

Weirdest office request: No weird requests really, but we have had a member of our team attempt to make moonshine out of weeks-old bananas - the culprit has still not been found…

Something your colleagues don’t know about you: I have a twin brother. He is easily the nicest human on the planet.

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