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Published byScott Drayton

Meet Scott, IRIS' Performance Marketing Manager, and the punniest member of the IRIS team.

What is your role at IRIS?

I joined IRIS back in September last year — and life has been pretty much a whirling dervish since. When I started, I was working with the team to think up the original launch content and great designs for IRIS Clarity. Then it was full steam ahead on our two big launch events where we showcased the app for the first time, at the Call and Contact Centre Expo and The Business Show. Fun fact: we featured a Formula 1 simulator, which gave me newfound respect for Formula 1 drivers. 

Since then, we’ve been smashing it as a team with our creative ideas of showcasing IRIS Clarity in action, setting up our CRM so that new customers are onboarded brilliantly, and writing (hopefully) engaging content to spread the word about the issue of noise in call centres and remote working — including our brand new whitepaper with exciting new research (which is being released in a week)!

You also like to create some awesome videos on the side, testing IRIS Clarity in all sorts of situations like serial killers, annoying roommates, and noisy pubs. Where do you get that wicked sense of humour and inspiration from?

Ha, the first videos were pretty nervy, I’ve definitely got a face for radio and voice for… TV? But I’ve started to really enjoy them as I’ve gone along. My favourite is definitely the meeting in the pub as I think it showed the app’s power the most in a real-life setting… and I got to go to the pub to film it. Although I do get a lot of funny looks when filming them as I sit there in a meeting of one, playing with a toy dinosaur, or pretending to be a serial killer. 

My inspiration has come from a mix of real life scenarios (I REALLY want to work full time in a pub) and things that have come up throughout the week I film them (seeing the Jurassic Park Dominion trailer for the first time). In terms of my humour, I grew up in a small market town in the home counties which is named after a stone called Roy — if I hadn’t developed a good sense of humour, I would have become that friend who only talks to you about the weather and latest changes in the world of stamp collections that you’re trying to cut out your life. Shudders.

We heard you were the fire marshall at your last job and failed miserably in your duties. Should we be worried? 

You should only be worried if I’m made fire marshall again! Yeah so being the new guy in one of my first companies I had this veryimportant task thrust upon me. I’ll be honest, I was always more of a Postman Pat kind of kid than Fireman Sam, so I wasn’t particularly enthralled by this new title bestowed upon me, nor the fluorescent bib that came with it. So the first fire drill comes around, and like the crappiest superhero ever, I slap on my uniform and order people to calmly exit the office and meet across the street. I give myself a big slap on the back for a job well done when we all get down. That is until the COO of the company asks where the CEO of the company is. Whoops. Left him in the toilet and locked the office door behind me didn’t I? Ah well, I didn’t want a pay rise anyway.

Some quickfire questions:

  1. App you couldn’t live without: Definitely Twitter. I’m obsessed with football and it’s great for the latest news and views, as well as hilarious videos of dogs being silly. Perfect — I need nothing else.

  2. Least favourite noise: I lived on a main road in London between stations for all three emergency services for two years, so it’s an even toss up between sirens and obnoxious motorbike revving. Actually, definitely the obnoxious motorbike revving as it’s pointless.

  3. Biggest pet peeve: Basically all behaviour by human beings on public transport. Highlights include hugging the central pole so no one else can hold on and standing in awkward places. This can be nullified however by all behaviour of dogs on public transport.

  4. Favourite type of nut and why: Truly a question for the ages. I’ve been given plenty of grief for picking the lowly peanut in the office. Is it a basic choice? Yes. But its flexibility is unmatched! Peanut butter, satay, salted or roasted, brittle. Peanuts have levels mere mortals can’t comprehend.

  5. Something your colleagues don’t know about you: I have three earlobes. In case I lose one.

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