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The power of sound: opening your mind to new ideas

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Published byTiana Raft

It is no surprise that here at IRIS we are massive advocates in the powerful healing properties of sound. Sound healing has been used in cultures since ancient civilisation, with scientists being fascinated with the technicalities of it for years, however it is only within the last few years that sound healing has seen a massive rise within the mainstream western world.

Whether you’re an original sound healing enthusiast, or completely new to the game, we strongly recommend using some of your time during isolation to tune in to some healing frequencies. Luckily, lots of healers are turning to social media to share their classes, below we have listed our favourites.

The Power of Sound

“How on earth can sound heal?!” I hear you say. Well, taking into account that our bodies are made up of up to 70% water and sound travels around four times faster through water, scientist believe that the vibrations passing through the water in our bodies promotes energy flow and circulation. The frequency waves end up synchronizing with our brainwaves, which in turn can have physical and emotional benefits.

Different frequencies have different healing properties: Gamma – heightened perceptions, cognition, learning and problem solving. Beta – alert, excited, consciousness. Alpha – relaxation, passive. Theta – creativity, deep meditation, reduced consciousness, trance like insightful states. Delta – deep sleep, repair, loss of awareness. When we use instruments that emit theta and delta waves, we allow for our bodies to enter more meditative states, relaxing and in turn allowing the body and immune system to repair, release old stagnant emotions, inducing harmony within the body.

Benefits of sound healing:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD

  • Nervous system – reduce blood pressure and heart rate

  • Calms mind - good replacement if you find meditation hard

  • Increase relaxation

  • Boost immune system

  • Increase focus and concentration

  • Reduces mood swings

  • Improves sleep

Binaural beats are also an amazing tool that has similar healing benefits to sound-baths, it’s also great to help with tinnitus. A low frequency is played into the right ear and a slightly different low frequency is played into the left ear. The brain is then active in making up the difference between the frequencies. The difference between the frequencies is the binaural beat. You can find many different binaural beats playlist online and in Spotify, just make sure to listen through your headphones.

Want to explore the benefits of sound healing? Here are a few of our favourite sources of soothing sounds:

If this is still all too much to get your head around, then simply crank up your favourite music (using the new IRIS Listen Well app of course - available on both App Store and Google Play), sit back and immerse yourself in the power of sound. If it’s making you feel better that still counts as healing, right?!

Keep your eyes peeled on IRIS social media as we have some exciting content around sound healing to share with you in the near future. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and #ListenWell.

If you have serious underlying health conditions, in particular a pacemaker or have experienced seizures or are epileptic, we advise you to contact a medical professional before taking part in sound healing.