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While it’s been kept tightly under wraps for some time, we’re excited to finally announce the launch of IRIS; a revolutionary new technology that dramatically improves audio quality whilst simultaneously activating the brain.

Be it music, podcasts, TV or movies, audio ever-increasingly surrounds us. Yet in our accessible digital world, sound has gone bad. IRIS is a start-up set to disrupt the way we experience audio; by giving us a listening experience like never before. It doesn’t just take you back to the audio quality of the CD era, or even the vinyl era; IRIS takes you back to the very room where the music was originally recorded.

IRIS technology dramatically improves audio quality whilst simultaneously activating the brain. We are building an audio ecosystem enabling users to Listen Well, everywhere. For users, this isn’t about doing anything different, simply doing it better. IRIS revitalises your listening experience, bringing back the natural, live elements of your favourite songs. Which were stripped away during the recording process.

Founded by Jacobi Anstruther, a leading innovator in the music industry for over 15 years. IRIS is the culmination of decades of research into the effects of sound and frequency on the human body. Its proprietary algorithm, designed to restore the qualities that make live performances so engaging; plays sound back to listeners in its purest, most organic form, emulating the rich, all-encompassing experience that makes live music so immersive.

Launching February 25th, the free IRIS app aims to work seamlessly with the audio content you already love. Its ability to improve sound quality will make you fall in love with your favourite songs all over again. And, the unique way it does so, is also able to engage your brain in a different way than traditional recorded audio. Our BETA app is still in the testing phase, but by downloading from the App Store and signing up now, you’ll be the first to access IRIS and start to Listen Well once it’s ready to launch.

What is Active Listening?

When you hear live music, sound waves bounce off every surface in the room. It then arrives to your ears as a complex mass of information that your brain needs to actively process. When music is recorded, most of this spatial information is lost. Conversion to digital formats like MP3 further degrades sound waves, causing them to become flat and lifeless.

IRIS unlocks this hidden information and in doing so promotes Active Listening. Heightening the audio quality whilst simultaneously activating the brain. The patented algorithm unlocks and resynthesizes lost audio information, allowing the listeners brain to play an active role in piecing it together; recreating the original live music experience. This is Active Listening.

Discover what it means to Listen Well

IRIS was born out of the idea that sound can heal. And is the culmination of decades of research into the effects of frequency on the human body.

Early evidence suggests a link between increased brain activity and listening to music through the IRIS app. We’re currently working with several research partners to explore exactly how beneficial this heightened brain activity may be; and also whether it applies to all types of audio content. Stay tuned to hear the results of our Active Listening research.

Renowned medical and educational institutions have also taken notice of IRIS. With studies underway at Mount Sinai in New York and Goldsmiths in London; to research the effect of the IRIS technology in stimulating the brain and heightening states of relaxation for listeners.

“At the Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai we have conducted a number of studies into the ‘science of sound’: how auditory input can alter states of focus, performance and relaxation. Our partnership with IRIS builds on our experience in this space. We are excited to work with IRIS on this study to explore whether this innovative technology can further enhance a state of relaxation and mental wellness.”

David Putrino, Director, Abilities Research Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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