What to expect from the IRIS Flow Headphones

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Hearing is believing when it comes to the superior sound of IRIS. We asked several people to try IRIS for the first time through the IRIS Flow Headphones; and tell us what they experienced when first trying Active Listening. Here are their thoughts on Listening Well, and how IRIS could change audio for the world.

One of the unexpected outcomes of the research that ultimately produced IRIS technology was the superior sound quality. Rather than taking you back to the audio quality of the CD era, or even the vinyl era; it takes you back to the very room where the track was originally recorded. It’s able to recover all the detail, layers and texture of real live sound. You can fall in love with your favourite songs all over again by listening to them like never before!

But the years of research that led to IRIS weren’t initially focused on improving audio quality. The original research undertaken at MIT was looking specifically at the effects of sound on the body. The ‘Active Listening’ that was discovered emerged as a byproduct of the process, wherein IRIS is able to split out and increase the phase information sent to the brain. Your brain is then stimulated to reassemble this complex information in order to understand what you’re listening to.

Watch the video here.

How IRIS works

In terms of how IRIS actually works, it uses an algorithm to break down an audio stream into all its fundamental constituent parts, and then discovers the ‘phase’ information for each part. IRIS then delivers this phase information into your ears in pieces that your brain puts back together, to create a ‘live’ sound experience, one that engages your brain in ways traditional recorded audio simply can’t!

Experience IRIS

Find out more about the IRIS Flow Headphones, and the premium materials they are made of here.

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