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Eliminate noise from your citizen calls

IRIS Clarity eliminates all background noise on both ends of a call, driving faster resolutions for the citizens who need it most.

Compatible with all leading call systems and platforms

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Debbie Coveney, Head of Customer Services

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Our staff were able to better engage with residents and put them at ease with such effective noise-cancellation.

  • Easy-to-use

    Agent satisfaction

    69% of agents we surveyed answered that issues caused by background noise were negatively affecting their mental health. IRIS Clarity reduces stress and acoustic shock, improving agents' day-to-day satisfaction.

  • Extremely secure


    Prevent confidential or regulated customer calls from being repeated and overheard, including queries regarding defence, medical, or legal matters.

  • Flexible plans

    Productive conversations

    87% of customers we surveyed had to repeat themselves because the agent could not hear them. Reducing repetition, distraction, and disruption helps more efficient resolution.

Hear Clarity in action

Listen to how IRIS Clarity removes all background noise — no matter where your citizens or agents may be
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  • Call centres
  • Remote agents
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