Eliminate noise from your citizen calls

IRIS Clarity eliminates all background noise on both ends of a call, driving faster resolutions for the citizens who need it most.

How does IRIS Clarity help local government?

IRIS Clarity uses AI to remove noise from live, and recorded citizen calls - leaving only clear speech.

Removing background noise helps local governments serve their citizens better, including those who are neurodiverse or hearing impaired - whilst helping to control budgets with lower AHT and headset costs.

Available as an app, or an SDK - IRIS Clarity can be deployed at all stages of your customer’s journey - from your IVA, to live calls, and your call analytics.

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How voice isolation helps with citizen care

  • Vulnerable citizens

    • Local authorities have a special responsibility for vulnerable citizens
    • Removing background noise helps with those who are hearing impaired, neurodiverse, or dealing with sensitive matters
  • Confidentiality

    • Prevent confidential or regulated customer calls from being repeated and overheard
    • This could include queries regarding financial, medical, or legal matters
  • Agent satisfaction

    • 69% of agents say that background noise negatively impacts their mental health
    • IRIS Clarity reduces stress and risk of acoustic shock, improving agents' day-to-day satisfaction

Debbie Coveney, Head of Customer Services

Our staff were able to better engage with residents and put them at ease with such effective noise-cancellation.
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Hear IRIS Clarity in action

Click play on our demos below to hear how IRIS Clarity removes all background noise, regardless of where your citizen is calling from.
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