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Who are IRIS?

IRIS is the world’s most advanced audio technology company. Forged in the flames of the Formula 1 pit lane, our scientifically-proven SaaS solutions are designed to reconnect humans and audio.

Driven by our patented AI algorithms IRIS places audio at the centre of all digital experiences, because whilst we can see visuals, we feel audio - so we create solutions that enable this.

Jacobi Anstruther, IRIS Founder & CEO

Sound enhances every emotion and shapes every experience. In the best cases, it uplifts and moves us. In the worst, it frustrates and harms us. Through our deep understanding of the science of sound, IRIS helps people find focus, engagement, and wellbeing wherever they listen — and that’s pretty much everywhere.

October 2018 - IRIS is founded

Our founder Jacobi was joined by Tom Darnell (COO) and Rob Reng (CTO) to support in building IRIS into a business and suite of products, wrapped in a vision to enable the world to Listen Well.

February 2020 - The IRIS Flow Headphones are launched

Partnering with Red Bull Racing, we created our award-winning Flow Headphones, integrated with our patented IRIS Engage algorithm - designed to activate your brain.

March 2022 - IRIS Clarity hits the market

After teasing the beta at the Call & Contact Centre Expo, we released the full version of IRIS Clarity after it was brilliantly received and described as "one of the most relevant innovations for the call centre industry" by the CCMA.

April 2023 - We raise a $7m Series A

Puma Private Equity lead our investment round as we close our Series A funding, allowing us to expand our US presence, and technology teams.

Join our team

Our team aren’t just developers, machine learning specialists, marketers, and sales - they’re DJs, music producers, classical musicians, festival-goers and more. IRIS is all about combining ambition and intelligence with a passion for audio.

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