Eliminate noise from your customer conversations

IRIS Clarity uses cutting-edge AI-driven voice isolation to eliminate noise from both sides of your customer calls and meetings, leaving only the conversation
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What is IRIS Clarity?

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered voice isolation app that removes all background noise from both live, and recorded conversations - leaving only clear speech.

Available as an app or SDK, IRIS Clarity can be integrated into all stages of your customers' journey - including your IVA, VoIP, and call analytics platforms.

Get in touch with our specialists today to find out how our voice isolation app can save your call centre money, improve your CX and AX, and make your analytics more accurate.

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  • 11%

    reduction in AHT

  • 53%

    reduction in costs

  • 27%

    drop in complaints

Compatible with all leading call systems and platforms

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John Devlin, CEO

The best feedback we’ve had from our advisors is just how easy it is to reach successful customer outcomes without repetition.
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