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Enabling the world to Listen Well

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Our products

Who we are

IRIS is an audio technology company with a mission to enable the world to Listen Well.
Our suite of patented products harnesses the science of sound to dramatically improve how people experience audio across all digital platforms.

What we do

IRIS patented algorithms rebuild information lost in compressed digital audio, resulting in a vastly improved listening experience while simultaneously enhancing neurological activation.

Our software solutions are incredibly flexible, with applications on all audio platforms: telecommunications, streaming, headphones, live, and more.

Find out how we can help your company revolutionise its audio — and its business.

Telecommunications & call centres

By removing distracting background noise on both sides of a call, IRIS increases customer satisfaction, speeds up resolution times, and reduces employee churn. Our solutions serve call centres of all kinds — commercial, telehealth, emergency services, and more — in both office and home-based locations.

Business & data analytics

Podcasts, audiobooks & music


Health & wellness

Extreme sports, aviation, military

Revolutionise your audio experiences — and your business