CX Trends 2024 | Helen Manahan - Customer vulnerability

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In this instalment of the CX24 series, Tom Darnell speaks to Helen Beaumont Manahan about improving the customer experience by first improving the agent experience - find out how this works and why this works on the IRIS Pod.

EX equals CX: Helen explains how BPA quality helps both the customer and the agent have the best experience possible.

AI - a threat or an opportunity?: Tom and Helen discuss contemporary anxieties around AI, exploring the threat posed to agent jobs, but also the value it may add.

Customer connection: Helen touches on the irreplaceable value of human empathy in the relationship between agent and customer.

A phase or a future?: Tom and Helen explain how, in this age of professionalisation and premiumisation in the contact centre industry, a job as an agent is no longer transient but formative.

Vulnerability and resilience: Helen talks about the post-pandemic vulnerabilities of both agent and customer, and the resilience required in the face of such challenges.

Home-working - healthy or harmful?: Do the benefits of staying at home outweigh the costs to culture, cohesion, and personal health?

Professionalism: Tom and Helen discuss the integration of our personal and professional selves - especially when dealing with sensitive or emotional subjects.

Will hysteria or humanity prevail?: As with every CX Trends podcast guest, Tom asks Helen her big predictions for the industry in 2024.

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Published byIRIS Team

13 Feb '24