How to remove background noise in your Slack calls and huddles

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Can true team collaboration really happen remotely? Yes it can. Tools like Slack can bring teams together and help to organise the seemingly un-organisable.

It also allows people to have live video calls or, as Slack calls them, ‘huddles’ without the need for scheduling a meeting.

Like with any other video or audio call platform, background noise can be distracting and have an impact on people’s productivity, so it is important to ensure you have noise-free virtual meetings.

Here’s how you can reduce background noise in your Slack huddles and calls.

Removing background noise in Slack huddles and calls

Unlike platforms like Google Meets, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams - Slack doesn’t have a native solution to removing background noise. IRIS Clarity’s noise cancellation app, however, is platform agnostic - so it will work alongside Slack and other video conferencing platforms.

How to apply IRIS Clarity’s voice isolation to Slack:

  1. Download and install IRIS Clarity
  2. Select your actual audio input and output in the IRIS Clarity app, for example your headset, external mic, or simply your default system settings
  3. Change your audio input and output in Slack to IRIS

Why you need IRIS Clarity’s dedicated noise removal app to cut background noise

As the audio quality of Slack calls and huddles depends on the individual’s audio set up (such as the type of PC, headset used, and default audio settings), it is important to introduce a background noise cancellation feature.

IRIS Clarity’s AI-driven noise cancellation software is a solution that can be quickly and easily integrated with any audio platform to help dramatically improve how audio is delivered and experienced. Its powerful algorithms can identify and remove all kinds of background noise, and, as a result, remove distractions and improve people’s productivity.

IRIS Clarity is bi-directional, meaning only one person on the call needs to have the app installed for both parties to feel the benefit. In addition, its feature allows for voices to be evenly isolated, so that only the speakers on either side can be clearly heard.

So, whether you are having a two person huddle or a 50 people video call, audio is not something you need to worry about.

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Published byIRIS Team

9 Aug '23