Unveiling CX Trends 2024: Nerys Corfield's Insights

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In the first episode of our CX24 series on the IRIS Pod, Tom Darnell and Nerys Corfield do a deep dive into the ever-evolving landscape of Customer Experience (CX) in 2024. Nerys, a seasoned consultant, shares her 19 years of expertise in contact centre operations, offering insightful predictions for the upcoming year.

Key Topics:

CX in 2024 -what’s driving falling levels?: Nerys and Tom discuss whether recent research showing falling levels of customer satisfaction reflects organisations delivering worse service, or the pandemic driving higher demands from customers.

AI - do you need it or just want it?: A look at good and bad uses of AI in organisations, whether brands are just deploying it to tick a box, and the potential impact of poor usage..

Premiumisation of voice: Our word of the moment! The guys delve into the continuing importance of voice, the times when it’s irreplaceable, and how bad AI experiences make it even more crucial still.

AI - finding the value in all the noise: Nerys shares her insights as judge of ‘Best Use in AI’ for the ECCCSA awards into the improving focus into value-adding applications of AI.

Shifting focus to agent experience - ‘ Hallelujah!’: The conversation shifts towards the increasing focus on agent experience, stressing the importance of creating a positive working environment, what’s driving the change, what tools are making it happen, and the need for senior staff to see what it’s like on the front line.

Homeworking - here to stay or not?: Will agents continue to be allowed to work from home going forwards? Or will this be reduced in line with a lot of the rest of Europe?

Predictions for 2024: Nerys concludes with rapid-fire predictions for 2024, including the potential of the metaverse, and generative AI.

The podcast is full of exclusive stats and great anecdotes from Nerys’ time in the industry - so make sure you listen to it in full on our YouTube channel, or listen on our RSS feed (also available via Spotify and Apple Podcasts).

And don’t forget to keep an eye on future episodes in this series in the coming weeks.

Published byIRIS Team

19 Jan '24