Resurrecting personalised banking experiences with AI noise cancellation

Published byIRIS Team

The banking landscape has experienced significant shifts in recent years, driven by factors such as digital transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic. A notable change is the increasing closure of bank branches, with financial institutions steering customers toward online or telephone banking.

This trend has raised concerns about the dwindling levels of personalised customer service that were once the hallmark of local banking. The challenge now facing these institutions is how to replicate the 'in-person feel' in their phone and online channels. Here, apps (like IRIS Clarity), with their noise-cancellation apps, offer a compelling solution and open avenues for additional enhancements to customer interactions.

AI Noise Cancellation: the key to clear communication

In face-to-face interactions, communication is crisp and clear, fostering a sense of connection between the bank representative and the customer. With the shift to phone channels, maintaining this clarity can be challenging, especially in noisy call centre environments. This is where background noise removal comes into play.

By isolating the caller's voice from any disruptive background noise, IRIS Clarity (try it for free for 7 days here) and other noise cancellation software ensure that the customer's concerns are heard distinctly, and the exchange of information is precise and straightforward (not to mention more securely). This clarity enhances the quality of the interaction, bringing it closer to the feel of an in-person conversation, and fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort in the customer.

Furthermore, research supports the importance of clear voice communication in establishing trust and connection. According to a study published in Frontiers, voice quality affects perception of professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness. It suggests that clearer voice communication could result in a more positive customer experience and increased customer trust. By implementing background noise removing technology, banks can elevate their phone banking service, providing an experience that parallels the warmth and efficiency of in-person banking.

Fast, accurate resolution: the mark of efficient service

A crucial aspect of the 'in-person feel' is the quick and accurate resolution of customer queries. Background noise-free conversations allow call centre operators to understand the customer's needs rapidly and accurately. This improved understanding not only saves time but also helps the operators provide correct and efficient solutions.

In a banking context, where customers often call about complex financial matters, this accuracy is critical (and soon to be legally required). It can mean the difference between a customer feeling valued and understood, as they would in an in-person interaction, and feeling like just another call in the queue.

Emotional connection: the pillar of personalisation

AI noise removal tools like help replicate the face-to-face experience through fostering an emotional connection between the customer and the bank. Emotional connection is often created through empathy, understanding, and personalised communication. The perception of authentic dialogue is also shown to have an emotional impact on customers and drive loyalty. Calls free from background noise allow for nuances in voice tone and inflection to come through clearly. This clarity makes it easier for call centre operators to pick up on the emotional state of the customer and respond appropriately, thus creating a connection.

Moreover, a clear line of communication opens the way for small talk, greetings, and personalised discussions, all of which contribute to an emotional connection. This connection can make customers feel valued and appreciated, as they would in a face-to-face interaction at a local bank branch.

Transforming phone banking with noise cancellation apps

As banks increasingly shut branches and move their customer service online or over the phone, maintaining the personalisation that characterised local banking has become crucial. Tools like IRIS Clarity, with their noise-cancellation technology, provides a way for banks to bring the 'in-person feel' to their phone channels. By ensuring clear communication, facilitating quick and accurate resolution, and fostering emotional connections, it can help banks retain the essence of personalised service in this new banking landscape.

The transition to online or telephone banking need not come at the cost of personalised service. With noise cancellation apps, banks can continue to serve their customers with the same care and attention that characterised their local branches. Don't let the 'in-person feel' become a thing of the past – embrace the technology that can help carry it into the future - try IRIS Clarity for free today.

Published byIRIS Team

28 Jun '23