CX Trends 2024 | Simon Broadbent - AI in CX: the real value

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Join Simon Broadbent and Tom Darnell at the Call and Contact Centre Expo, as they discuss how Artificial Intelligence will develop and affect the contact centre industry in the future in the next episode of IRIS Pod’s CX24 series.

Brand and Identity: will AI erode your brand or is there a way to effectively safeguard company data and identity?

Democratisation versus Regulation: Tom and Simon discuss the future of AI as well as its use and the necessary controls in the contact centre industry.

AI: A Tool for Good?: Simon gives valuable examples of where AI, despite its potential dangers, may really benefit both agents and customers in the contact centre industry.

CX and the Cycle: Tom and Simon discuss the cyclical nature of the relationship between customer and agent: agent satisfaction enables customer satisfaction which in turn makes agents’ jobs more rewarding.

Super Agents: In an era where there are more calls than agents, Simon explains the challenges agents face when meeting customer needs.

CX Trends: Simon also gives his predictions for 2024 both for NICE but also for the industry more widely - tune in to hear his insights!

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Published byIRIS Team

22 Feb '24