The sound of success: leveraging AI noise cancellation in call centre platforms

Published byIRIS Team

The call centre software market has witnessed impressive growth over the past few years, being expected to grow from USD 24.1 billion in 2020 to USD 72.3 billion by 2026. This upward curve, however, is coupled with increased competition and pressure to stand out from the crowd. The pressing need to evolve brings many challenges to call centre bosses, demanding that they find solutions in new products and differentiators that gain them a competitive edge. Those who have sought new technological partnerships are already beginning to get ahead.

A solution to the customer pain points

Nearly 73% of customers are likely to switch brands if their customer service call experience is unsatisfactory. A critical contributor to this dissatisfaction is the disruptive background noise during calls that often makes comprehension difficult, stress-inducing and unproductive. As call centre platforms know, the buck ultimately stops with them. For businesses to protect themselves long-term, they need to be making innovative decisions and investing in the right places. This is where AI noise cancellation apps (like IRIS Clarity) step in.

Noise-eliminating technology ensures that calls remain distraction-free, focusing solely on the conversation at hand. This significantly reduces miscommunications and misunderstandings, creating a seamless customer experience. Call centre platforms offering enhanced communication packages set themselves apart in a highly competitive market: all industries, from retail to medical, benefit from noise elimination. By offering pristine audio quality that removes background noise, platforms can enhance their service offering, improving the experience for both call centre agents and the end customer.

A premium offering

In an increasingly customer-centric business environment, organisations should look for ways to improve their customer experience. With 32% of all customers saying that they would stop using a brand after one bad experience, call centre platforms must ensure that they minimise opportunity for misunderstandings and obstructions, ensuring that consistent, high-quality customer interactions take place in the majority of cases.

Diversifying a product suite has long been recognised as an effective strategy for invigorating business, attracting new clients, and retaining current ones. This strategy is particularly crucial in the call centre industry today, where the battle for differentiation is fierce. Offering a tool such as IRIS Clarity to brands can significantly enhance a platform’s appeal and gain call centre platforms a good wedge of the market share.

The revenue impact of eliminating background noise

It’s no secret that the brands who use your services care about their revenue: so offer them a product that boosts it. A significant amount of research suggests that background noise negatively impacts customer satisfaction and, in turn, revenue. Ambient noise can influence consumers' willingness to purchase and harm the well-being of agents: both key issues for your clients and a direct impact upon their bottom line. By incorporating IRIS Clarity as an offering, call centre platforms will not only enhance reach, but also empower their customers to maximise their revenue potential.

Your next steps

The call centre software market is ripe with opportunity for differentiation and enhancement, but only if companies know where to focus their efforts. A partnership with IRIS Clarity equips platforms to distinguish their offerings, improve customer experience, and increase their revenue. The integration of noise-eliminating technology serves as a premium offering that enhances value proposition and drives customer retention. The opportunity for platforms to create a unique niche for themselves and ensure continued growth is here for the taking. To find out how IRIS Clarity can partner with your call centre platform, get in touch today.

Published byIRIS Team

21 Jun '23