Removing barriers from vulnerable customers with Freedom Insurance

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Freedom Insurance were formed in 2002, when they identified a need for an insurance firm that offers cover to people with pre-existing medical conditions. Their mission is to provide great customer service, breaking down barriers that prevent people obtaining the cover they need to enjoy their holiday.

As one of the innovative companies that use our noise cancellation app, here's their story as to how they identified IRIS Clarity as a way of breaking down those barriers.


Freedom Insurance, like most organisations with a call centre, had a problem with background noise on their customer calls. A significant driver for Freedom Insurance specifically however is that their customer base often have medical conditions that hinder their ability to concentrate on a noisy call with an agent.

With their mission being to help those with these conditions go on holiday by removing obstacles and providing great customer service - it became clear that removing background noise would need to be a priority.


As luck would have it, the team at Freedom Insurance attended the Call and Contact Centre Expo where they came across our stand, featuring a live demo of agents taking calls right there on the stand.

After speaking to our specialists and being suitably impressed by the app's ability to remove noise at the expo, Freedom Insurance arranged a demo call back in their office where they aimed to put the IRIS Clarity's noise cancellation through it's paces. After passing the test of a conference call by a busy road, IRIS set up a small trial with Freedom Insurance's call centre agents, where they worked together with our technical team to optimise the app to their specific environment.

Once the perfect noise levels and config settings were found - the team were delighted with the results.


Once the trial ended, Freedom Insurance rolled out the app to their full call centre, allowing all of their customers to benefit from noise-free calls.

Both the customer facing agents, and senior stakeholders have been delighted with the results they've seen, especially with the enhanced experience delivered to their vulnerable clients who were previously being frustrated - as well improving the workplace.

"Integrating IRIS Clarity into our operations at Freedom Insurance has enhanced the focus of our team, reducing distractions and increasing the likelihood that they'll understand our customers' needs. Whilst we never rush our customers, there can be times when calls are unnecessarily prolonged due to the need to repeat important information. With IRIS Clarity we can increase productivity and still deliver exceptional service."

Roland Gilliam, Director

Published byIRIS Team

28 Feb '24