Eliminate all noise in your customer calls in real-time

IRIS Clarity’s voice isolation technology removes all background noise on both ends of your customer calls enabling clearer conversations and happier customers
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What is IRIS Clarity?

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered voice isolation solution that removes distracting background noise from your inbound and outbound customer calls.

Clarity is also bi-directional, removing noise from both the customer and agent end - allowing both sides to have clear conversations wherever they are, whether that’s a busy call centre or hectic household.

Available as a desktop app or SDK, IRIS Clarity can be rolled out to all your agents with minimal time and effort regardless of your VoIP, CRM, and headsets.

Who does IRIS Clarity help?

  • Your business

    Save money in two key ways:

    • Reduce the time of your customer calls and need for follow ups by removing the need for repetition and misheard words
    • Spend less on expensive headsets, as IRIS Clarity clears up all but the noise around the agent for the agent
  • Your customers

    • Headsets only solve the issue of loud call centres for your agents
    • Your customers however, still can’t hear you (especially the neurodiverse and hearing impaired
    • By removing background noise, you can improve the customer experience for all, as well as alleviating security concerns
  • Your agents

    • Customers rarely ring you from a perfect environment - they’ll start tasks or go for a walk whilst on hold
    • IRIS Clarity’s bi-directionality solves this, allowing your agents to concentrate fully on the conversation
    • This helps reduce stress, and protects them from the dangers of acoustic shock

John Devlin, CEO

The best feedback we’ve had from our advisors is just how easy it is to reach successful customer outcomes without repetition.
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