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Eliminate noise from your business calls

IRIS Clarity’s voice isolation technology removes all background noise from your customer calls.

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    Compatible with all leading call systems and platforms
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    Screenshot of IRIS Clarity with Enterprise platforms connected and a VoIP dialer
    Screenshot of IRIS Clarity with Enterprise platforms connected and a VoIP dialerScreenshot of IRIS Clarity with Enterprise platforms connected and a VoIP dialer

    What is IRIS Clarity?

    IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered software solution that removes distracting background noise from your VoIP and customer calls.

    Real-time and bi-directional, it allows participants on both sides to have clearer conversations, no matter where they are.

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    The best feedback we’ve had from our advisors is just how easy it is to reach successful customer outcomes without repetition."

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    IRIS Clarity is 100% secure. Because it runs discreetly on your device, it doesn’t record or transfer anything.

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    Cyber Essentials-certified

    Stay protected against cyber attacks — we’ve been certified.

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    Benefit from the toughest security principles and controls — we’ve been rigorously tested by a CREST-approved third party.

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    Enjoy simplified and standardised IT, resiliency, cyber security, and privacy.

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    PCI DSS-compliant

    Trust that any acceptance, processing, storing, and transmission of your credit card information is always secure.


    Designed for scale

    IRIS Clarity is designed to work on your existing setup, making it easy to deploy and scale across your business.

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    Easy setup

    Enjoy a simple installation process — you only need to do it once for it to work on all future calls.

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    Highly scalable

    Add any number of users and scale as your business grows.

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    Widely compatible

    Use it across all popular video conference apps, VoIP, and server-based solutions.

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    Dedicated team

    Count on our dedicated support team for onboarding, training, and troubleshooting.

    Feature - Fast Deployment


    Built by a world-class team of engineers, AI experts, and product designers, IRIS Clarity uses the latest in machine learning and audio technology.

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    Eliminates noise on both sides of a call, increasing customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing.

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    Optimised voice isolation

    AI-trained on tens of thousands of hours of common background noises — and counting.

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    Zero latency

    Works in real-time without lag or asynchronicity.

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    Low CPU

    Doesn’t slow down your computer.

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    Hearing is believing

    Listen to how IRIS Clarity transforms audio, whether you're working in a busy contact centre or from home.
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      How to get started with IRIS Clarity

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        Contact sales

        Contact our sales team to assess your needs

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        Install IRIS Clarity

        Install IRIS Clarity on your existing setup

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        Enjoy conversations without background noise

        Enjoy clearer conversations without the distractions

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      Ready to bring Clarity to your business?

      Fill out your details and a member of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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