Improve your call analytics with clearer recordings

Integrate IRIS Clarity voice isolation into your post-call analytics platform to dramatically improve your transcription accuracy and diarisation, by removing background noise
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What is IRIS Clarity for post-call?

IRIS Clarity integrates with your call centre platform to remove all background noise from your call recordings and voice data through AI.

Background noise is the biggest barrier to accuracy both in your call transcripts, and diarisation data - reducing their effectiveness in larger analysis, quality assurance, and compliance with regulations.

IRIS Clarity has been tested with all major call analytics platforms, and can be easily integrated using our SDK.

Why you should use voice isolation in your call analytics

  • Transcriptions

    By removing background noise, you can raise your transcription accuracy by up to 10%. This huge uplift is the difference between your analysis understanding basic Sentiment, to more complex Intent, all the way up to Personalisation.

  • Quality Assurance

    It’s not only your call centre platform that listens back on previous calls, removing background noise allows your quality assurance team to much more efficiently identify trends and areas of improvement in your agents’ performance.

  • Diairisation

    Diarisation is your ability to recognise which person is speaking and when on your calls. Not only is this crucial to driving useful insights (for obvious reasons), it’s also a key aspect of many regulations. IRIS Clarity can improve this by up to 40%.

John Devlin, CEO

The best feedback we’ve had from our advisors is just how easy it is to reach successful customer outcomes without repetition.
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