How Provalus used IRIS Clarity to bring perfect calls to their community call centres

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Read abut how Provalus utilised our noise cancellation app to bring peace and quiet to their community-based call centres, delivering superior CX. You can also watch a video of the case study - which you can find here.

About Provalus

Provalus is a 100% US-based outsourcing organisation dedicated to creating technology opportunities in areas where few traditionally exist. By leveraging a unique approach that includes creating talent in rural, veteran-heavy American communities, Provalus is generating a dedicated and superior workforce while fueling a new era of technology talent equipped to strengthen America’s future. Provalus hires and develops the best and brightest talent in every small town they call home to deliver a remarkable experience for their technology clients and end-users alike.

The Challenge

Dedicated to making an impact within rural communities, it is critical to Provalus that their innovation centres are located in a place that will allow for maximum impact within the communities they call home.

In most cases, this means modernising neglected spaces that were formerly used as manufacturing, retail, or commercial space – all of which include potential acoustical challenges leading to noise and echo from cross talk.

Additionally, Provalus clients are frequently operating from environments with less than ideal acoustics. From the bustling atmosphere faced by a parent at home with multiple children around them to busy environments such as hospitals, medical centres, manufacturing & distribution centres, and financial & retail customer branches, standard solutions to noise suppression are rarely feasible on either side of these conversations.

The Solution

Provalus identified the need for our AI-based voice isolation and noise removal application as a potential approach to removing their background noise. IRIS Clarity is a software-only solution that integrated directly with Provalus’ Five9 CCaaS platform as well as the other platforms required by their partners. An added benefit is that Clarity is bi-directional meaning that it also removes any noise present on the customer side of calls creating a truly best in class experience for all parties.

The Results

Because IRIS Clarity is a software application, Provalus was able to install and test with a group of agents with very little setup time. After two weeks, the agents and customers immediately noticed a significant reduction in call noise, resulting in improved customer experience and a reduction in average handle time.

With a seamless integration into various client specific tools and applications, Provalus has since deployed IRIS Clarity throughout their call centres and are continuing to see improvements in overall call quality and customer satisfaction.

Watch the full case study in the video here.

Published byIRIS Team

30 Apr '24