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Remove all background noise from your customers’ replies by implementing IRIS Clarity alongside your interactive voice assistant - dramatically improving word & intent recognition
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What is IRIS Clarity for IVA?

Alongside poor pronunciation, background noise is the major obstacle to accurate word and intent recognition for your Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs).

If your customer is calling from a noisy environment, IRIS Clarity’s voice isolation removes all background noise from the customer’s response - giving your IVA the best chance possible of accurately understanding what’s been said.

IRIS Clarity's SDK seamlessly integrates with your IVA software - allowing you to see a fast return on investment, with minimal tech involvement.

Why you should use voice isolation alongside your IVA

  • More accurate deflection and routing

    • Loud environments distort what an IVA is able to pick up from your customers
    • Removing this noise helps make it easier for your IVA to recognise the customer’s words and intent
    • This leads to more calls being routed accurately
  • Faster, more efficient recognition

    • Background noise causes your software to work longer and harder to recognise what the customer is saying
    • Reduce the time and CPU required by your bot to recognise this by giving it clear audio
  • Less customer repetition of data

    • Protect your customers from being forced to repeat lengthy and/or sensitive information to your IVA due to distortion from noise
    • This improves customer experience and spares them from needing to repeat things like card numbers

Hear IRIS Clarity in action

Click play on our demos below to hear how IRIS Clarity removes all background noise, regardless of the environment.
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John Devlin, CEO

The best feedback we’ve had from our advisors is just how easy it is to reach successful customer outcomes without repetition.
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