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The power of IRIS Clarity - in your portfolio

IRIS Clarity is a platform-agnostic, noise cancellation app that removes background noise from both sides of live customer calls.

Quickly and easily deployed either as a desktop app or SDK, IRIS Clarity works with all popular call centre platforms.

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Why add IRIS Clarity to your portfolio?

  • IRIS Clarity is platform agnostic, and easily integrated with whatever ecosystem your customer has. There’s no need for an IT upheaval and migration of systems - just a one-time setup then plug and play.

  • 89% of customers have complained about noise on customer calls - IRIS Clarity is an innovative solution that solves the problem of background noise where headsets and furniture have failed.

  • The money for noise cancellation apps are already in your clients’ budget - expensive headset replacements. By replacing this with IRIS Clarity, clients can save money with software that can be neither lost nor broken.

  • Noise cancellation apps are still a relatively new technology - by reselling IRIS Clarity you'll have access to a product that differentiates you and your clients to the competition.

How can you partner with us?

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Juan G Chua, President

"We are honored and excited to be a partner of IRIS Audio Technologies in the Philippines, as we share its vision of delivering cutting-edge software and customer service excellence to the dynamic Philippine BPO market. We look forward to working with IRIS and achieving great success together!”
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