Luxury brands: gaining clear prestige

Published byIRIS Team

As leaders of luxury goods and high-end brands know, every touchpoint, every interaction, and every detail, matters when it comes to protecting high-end currency. From the hand-stitching on a designer handbag to the personalised shopping experience, luxury lies in the details. The commitment to quality doesn’t end at the product—it permeates every aspect of the customer's experience, including communication channels.

Audio clarity: reflecting brand quality

A customer reaching out to discuss a high-value purchase expects a prestigious level of service. However, when this interaction is marred by poor audio and intrusive background noise, the experience falls short of expectations. This not only risks misunderstandings, but reflects poorly on the brand—with long lasting impact.

One in three customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions. The impact of poor customer experience on retention and the potential lost opportunities is huge, and arguably more pressing for the luxury market. Investing in technologies that support superior CX not only enhances brand loyalty but also positively influences future purchasing decisions.

An opportunity

Consumer trust in luxury brands is dropping, and quickly, with experts describing the current state as a “reputational recession”. This opens opportunities for companies wishing to gain authority in the luxury CX market, if they move quickly in embracing the correct technologies that will enhance customer interactions and build trust.

For luxury brands, interactions aren't just transactional touchpoints, but opportunities for relationship-building. Every call and conversation becomes an extension of the brand's narrative and voice. In a CX world dominated by chatbots, the human voice carries a heavy weight of authenticity; but for this authenticity to truly resonate, clear, undisturbed communication is essential.


Consistent brand experience across all channels is paramount. Without this, the hyper-discerning luxury customer feels let down and frustrated. Disconnected messaging through CX also devalues perception of products. However, there are steps that luxury brands can take to maintain their status.

New voice isolation technologies (like IRIS Clarity) remove background noise and distractions completely. By doing this, brands can ensure a flawless audio experience that demonstrates commitment to excellence and high-end personalised CX.

Quiet prestige

The real-life luxury shopping experience is often quiet: a world away from the hustle and bustle that often occurs in less high-end environments. Luxury consumers crave personalised and unique experiences, which depend on calmness and clarity. In telephone interactions, comparable personalisation can be achieved through the clarity of communication, ensuring customers feel valued and understood. Technology like IRIS Clarity ensures this feeling of intimacy and care in telephone calls.

The luxury sector is rapidly evolving. In the digital era, voice interactions hold a degree of prestige that cannot be matched. As brands employ AI-driven tools for better customer insights, the quality of audio data fed into these systems determines the accuracy of insights derived. The importance of crystal-clear audio, free from background noise disturbances, cannot be overstate.

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