The power of collaboration in the CX evolution: Steve McSherry's insights

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In this second episode of our CX24 series on the IRIS Pod, Tom Darnell and Steve McSherry talk about the power of partnerships and its evolution in the market. Daktela are a global technology company providing cloud-based contact centre software, and a key part of the IRIS Partnership ecosystem - find out why on the pod.

Key topics:

The evolution of partnerships in CX: Steve and Tom discuss the changing nature of partnerships within the customer service industry, from simple reselling and channel relationships, to full blown one-stop shop collaborations.

How to choose the correct partner?: The conversation shifts to choosing alliances with care, the importance of compatibility, and how the wrong pick could have a detrimental effect on your brand.

Continued consolidation: The guys chat about the continued surge of consolidation within the call centre industry and the benefits and challenges it creates.

AI to enhance not to replace: Steve delves into the importance of using AI to enhance human interactions rather than replacing them, as well as the importance of maintaining a balance between automation and human touch in customer service.

Voice’s position in the industry: A look at the continued importance of the voice channel in 2024, as well as discussing how different channels will evolve as newer generations’ preferences drive change.

Predictions for 2024: Steve concludes with rapid-fire predictions for 2024, including an eco partners evolution, and reinventing the AI approach.

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Published byIRIS Team

25 Jan '24