How can noise cancellation apps help with the Spanish Customer Service Bill?

Published byIRIS Team

The regulations behind customer service and inclusivity are evolving quickly, and keeping up with these changes is crucial for any company's success. The latest development in Spain is the approval of the Spanish Customer Service Bill in April 2023, set to come into force in 2024.

Among other stipulations, two key components stand out: a maximum waiting time of three minutes and a requirement for companies to demonstrate their inclusivity to all customers, including those with neurodiverse conditions or physical disabilities. With many experts predicting similar laws to be rolled out across the EU and the necessity for a quality call experience never being more urgent, we look at how affected companies should implement relevant changes and tools as a priority in coming months.

Adhering to the new three minute rule

The three-minute waiting time regulation creates a need for highly efficient call management. It's not just about rapid connections, but also about understanding the customer's needs promptly and accurately. As Forbes highlights, a fundamental part of improving customer service efforts is clear communication. In a call centre environment where background noise can often impede this, the need for background noise removal technology (like IRIS Clarity) becomes all the more critical.

By isolating the caller's voice from any disruptive background noise, noise cancellation tools ensure that the information exchange is precise, quick, and straightforward. This clarity allows call centre operators to understand the issue at hand faster, leading to quicker resolutions and shorter wait times, thereby helping companies adhere to the three-minute rule.

The introduction of this regulation means that every second matters more than ever before. Deciphering key information amidst background noise not only frustrates customers but is also time-consuming for the operators. Repeating information like addresses and card numbers will quickly add time to each of your calls. By removing these unnecessary hindrances, voice isolation tools can help companies optimize their service time, making each interaction as productive as possible, and allowing the agent to get to the next call within the allotted time frame.

Ensuring inclusive communication

The Spanish Customer Service Bill's second focal point – inclusive communication – is another area where noise removal tools like IRIS Clarity shine (see for yourself with our 7 day free trial). Companies are now required to prove their service accessibility to all individuals, especially those with neurodiverse conditions or physical disabilities. This includes ensuring that communication, particularly in call centre environments, is tailored to their needs.

For neurodiverse individuals, particularly those with ADD or ADHD, background noise can add to cognitive load, making communication challenging. By eliminating this noise, background noise removing apps help create a more accessible communication channel. For those with hearing impairments, the "cocktail party" effect - the difficulty of focusing on a single sound amidst background noise - can be a significant hurdle. Noise removal can help mitigate this as well, making call centres more inclusive and compliant with the new regulations.

An essential tool for the future

As the Spanish business landscape prepares to adapt to the new customer service law, the need for tools that aid in this transition becomes critical. Technology like IRIS Clarity, with its background noise removing technology, stands as a promising solution. By enhancing communication clarity and fostering inclusivity, it can help companies navigate these changes and seize the unexpected CX opportunity this new law presents.

The new Spanish Customer Service Law aims to improve customer service standards across Spain, and many experts believe it will likely lead to other EU countries following suit. Adherence to it will not only bring companies into compliance but can also boost their reputation and customer satisfaction levels. In these changing times, it's clear that noise cancellation apps like our own IRIS Clarity are a crucial partner for any company looking to stay ahead and provide superior customer service.

Embrace the future of customer care today, don't miss out on the benefits that IRIS Clarity can bring to your organisation - give it a go with our free trial.

Published byIRIS Team

20 Sept '23