Clear audio for mission critical comms

IRIS Clarity’s voice isolation has been tested in the most demanding environments, allowing for crystal clear communications when it’s most needed
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IndyCar Race Comms



Zero background noise, unlimited uses

Forged in the flames of Formula 1 and IndyCar pitlanes, IRIS Clarity has been tested on tens of thousands of hours of audio. The end result - AI that removes all background noise from your communications.

Whether you work in emergency services, motor racing, or the military - clear, instantaneous audio can be the difference between success and failure. IRIS Clarity helps deliver this, no matter the level of noise.


How IndyCar utilised IRIS Clarity in their broadcasts

Find out how IRIS Clarity, IndyCar and Dante worked alongside each other to pass all audio from individual race car setups through IRIS Clarity - removing all 130 decibels of noise produced by the average IndyCar - leaving only the drivers’ real-time insights behind.

Hear IRIS Clarity in action

Click play on our demos below to hear how IRIS Clarity seamlessly removes everything from IndyCar engines, to Chinook helicopters.
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