CX Trends 2024 | William Carson - How call centres impact brand impression

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In this episode of our CX24 series on the IRIS Pod, Tom Darnell and William Carson of Ascensos, talk about the exciting changes in Customer Experience (CX) in 2024, the critical role call centres play in a brand strategy, and give us a sneak peek into what's coming next.

Cracking the economic code: Tom and William begin by delving into the current economic landscape, how it’s impacting the CX industry on a macro and micro level, and what William thinks 2024 holds.

Winning big brands: William spills the beans on how BPOs can win over big and famous brands like John Lewis, and how to understand what their customers want by speaking their language.

The power of voice: It wouldn’t be an IRIS podcast if this topic wasn’t discussed. In a world full of bots and AI taking the lead, William talks about why the human voice is still crucial, how it makes customer interactions better, and the prospect of a ‘Netflix Effect’ coming to CX.

The AI Umbrella: Whilst AI continues to be the big buzzword in CX, William talks about how it’s become a catch-all term for services that have existed for years, and how it should be used in a modern call centre.

The biggest mistake brands make: Heavy investment is made into marketing, sales, and product as value-adding areas but service is seen as a cost centre. William explores why this is the wrong way to look at it. And why he hates the term ‘front-line’.

The live agent: Tom and William discuss the live agent demonstration being showcased behind them in the loud expo hall at the ExCeL London and how it highlights the significance of understanding the impact technologies can have.

Predictions for 2024: William concludes with rapid-fire predictions for 2024, including the end to “chatty bots”.

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Published byIRIS Team

30 Jan '24